Strawberry Laser Lipo

The Machine everyone is talking about! Utilizing the latest developments in laser technology, the Laser Lipo machine offers an unbeatable inch-loss treatment, in the least amount of time.

Adipose cells known as fat cells react to particular wavelength of the red laser light delivered at the particular energy density. The application of this laser light results in the cell producing a lipase enzyme which helps break down the triglyceride cell contents into glycerol and fatty acids. It also makes the cell walls more permeable allowing the fatty acids to pass through them more easily. These fatty acids are then transported via the lymphatic system and become readily available as fuel for the body.

The Strawberry Laser Lipo therefore triggers the natural process of releasing contents from the fat cells as if the body was calling upon them for its energy. Without their triglyceride content, the fat cells take up less space resulting in the inch-loss effect.

The results have been incredible and we hope you make the decision to benefit from this revolutionary treatment too.

Price list

  • Strawberry Laser Lipo £125
    Course x 8 treatments £800