Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is an efficient way to remove hairs from the body and face. The chemicals and heat energy used in the process of electrolysis, destroys the center of the root of hair growth. An extremely fine probe is instilled in the hair follicle on the skin surface, following which the hair is pulled out by tweezers. Electrolysis hair removal treatment holds a successful track record in removing hair permanently. What is the need for electrolysis? The hormones and heredity factors are responsible for hair growth. Sometimes a serious illness, consuming drugs and undergoing temporary hair removal treatments might result in excessive hair growth. When this excessive growth takes place in the wrong body part, it becomes an embarrassing factor for the person. To control this, a permanent solution is needed and availing electrolysis in London serves the purpose effectively. 

Price list

  • Electrolysis Single Session 15 mins £26
    Single Session 30 mins £39