Candela GentleMAX Treatment of Broken Thread Veins

Thread veins are caused by a variety of factors including exposure to sunlight or wind, oral contraception, hormone therapy, ageing or can be hereditary.

Prominent unsightly leg veins are a very common problem that thread vein removal can assist with. They occur when a vein dilates and becomes large enough to be visible through the transparency of the skin.  Causes include prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity, hormones, ageing or can be hereditary.  Because of the effects of gravity and ‘back pressure’ leg veins are more difficult to treat than facial veins.  Leg veins can be divided into varicose veins, reticular veins and thread veins. Varicose veins are treated surgically.

Long-pulsed neodymium YAG 1064nm laser technology is one of the best technologies available to safely and quickly treat facial thread veins, red or blue leg veins up to 1.5mm in diameter, spider veins, cherry haemangioma (red dots on the body) and blue venous lakes on the lip.

Our Candela GentleMAX 1064nm laser technology produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is absorbed by haemoglobin in the dilated blood vessel.  It causes the blood to coagulate and the unwanted vessel to instantly or gradually disappear.

There is no down time after your treatment and there is no need for you to wear compression stockings.  In order to have the optimal result and longevity of laser therapy, two or three treatments are normally recommended.  Most patients see excellent improvements after just 1 treatment for facial veins.  Cherry haemangioma, spider nevi and venous lakes on the lip usually only require one, or rarely two treatments.

People come in all shapes and sizes and prices will vary with the individual, depending upon the area to be treated and the time required.

Price list

  • from £75