Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Whatever your needs may be concerning brows or eyelashes, you can achieve your desired results here at The Beauty Clinic Fulham. We have a wide variety of treatments to cater everyone, whether that may be a simple Eyebrow Shape and/or Tint or something more extensive such as Eyelash Extensions.

Lucie's Brow Perfection 3 step brow perfection treatment to give you the shape, comfort and confidence you have always wanted, instantly enhancing your eyes & facial features.

Eyebrow Extensions is the perfect treatment if you suffer from falling out hairs, over plucked shape, scarring within your eyebrows or eyebrows missing due to cancer treatment. With this quick & simple process you can achieve the perfect brow shape suited especially for you.

Eyelash Perm is a permanent method of curling your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes will enhance the appearance of the eyes for 6 - 8 weeks.

Eyelash Lift is very similar to eyelash perm. The only difference between these two treatments is the rods used to curl the lashes. Perm rods are cylindrical in shape, and add a definite curl to the lash, creating a C shaped lash.
Lash lift rods are a little different in shape,  flat on one side and curved on the other, which helps to 'lift' the lash from the base of the eyelid, and adds a more subtle curl.

Just see for yourself in this " title="">video

Price list

  • Eyebrow Shaping £15
    Eyebrow Tinting £15
    Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting £30
    Eyelash Perming or Lift £49
    Eyelash Perming or Lift with Tinting £55
    Eyelash Tint £20
    Eyelash Extensions (Top-Up Extensions) from £40
    Eyelash Extensions (Removal) £10