Women of all ages are concerned about their skin’s beauty and youthful appearance.
Real alternative to aesthetic medecine, Hydradermie Youth stimulates cellular energy, for a youthful looking skin. 
Customisable, this treatment offers 8 options, based on the client’s objectives:
- Moisturising
- Anti-wrinkle
- Anti-ageing 
- Sun preparation/repair
- Soothing
- Nourishing
- Purifying
- Brightening

After the very first treatment, the lifting effect is spectacular! The face oval is redefined, the skin is toned and the features are smoothed. For optimal results a series of 6 treatments is recommended.



Price list

  • Hydradermie Youth Deep Cleanse with Thermal Treatment (75 min) £85
    Hydradermie Age Logic Premium range (75 min) £95