Bioenergy massage

  • What effect does the first treatment have:
  • Release of toxins associated with pathogenic factors;
  • Equivalent to 10 sessions of the manual massage;
  • Equivalent to 45 minutes of lymphatic detoxification;
  • Equivalent to 1 hour cleansing of the energy channels of the whole body;
  • Equivalent to 6 km running in terms of fat loss;
  • Equivalent to 3 procedures for whitening and moistening of the whole body;
  • Equivalent to anion absorption for 3 hours;
  • Equivalent to 500 repetitions of the chest press on lying position;
  • Equivalent to 36 mil times movement of cells;
  • Equivalent to the release of 4.1 grams of toxins from internal organs.

BEM basic features:

  • slows down the ageing process;
  • regulates the autonomic nervous system, improves sleep quality;
  • releases toxins clean and eliminates blood congestion;
  • normalizes blood pressure, blood sugar and lipids;
  • accelerates metabolism, increases cellular activity;
  • regulates the internal secretion system, corrects the figure;
  • prevention and treatment of various chronic urological and gynaecological disorders
  • restoresthe lymphatic system;
  • quickly recovers from athletic injuries;
  • eliminates various pain in the musculoskeletal system;
  • improves body tonus;
  • replace acupuncture, gouache massage, tuina acupressure massage, cauterization, vacuum cups and other methods of reflex therapy.

Price list

  • Bioenergy massage (30 mins) £60